You need to know this ugly truth about dowry death and bride burning

The Male Factor (TMF)

Dowry Death RTI

Above is the RTI I have filed to National Crime Records Bureau to know the details of bride burning in India. We always hear those ‘stories’ of bride burning and get ashamed to see where our humanity has gone. So I expected that this RTI would reveal the true story. I asked the following questions in this RTI-

1.How many total dowry death cases were convicted year wise in last five years (e.g. between 2008 – 2012)?

2.Please give me year wise details of the modes of death (e.g. strangulation, burning, suicide etc) of the bride and the number of the same that is recorded under dowry death in India for the period 2008 – 2012?

3.Kindly provide me the total number of people arrested in dowry death cases in India in last five years and total number of people acquitted?

From the records given by them, we find that in 2010 there were maximum 2163 deaths convicted for dowry death…

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